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Upcoming Powder Horn Courses

Next Course Offering will be in Spring of 2026

What is stopping you from taking your youth on over-the-top adventures? Most leaders will answer a fear of never having done that activity before to be able to answer questions they are asked by their unit. Let us help!

Build stronger troops, crews, and ships, by attending Powder Horn. Gain resources for program development, unit recruitment and retention, training opportunities for youth and adults, and much more. Participate in dozens of high adventure opportunities available on Greater St. Louis Area Council properties to experience them before taking your unit in the future.

Besides the program elements you get to try, Powder Horn also includes learning through the methods and types of meals served, and through daily themes. You are encouraged to bring costumes for the different themes. We ask that on Saturday (day time) and Sunday your costumes are simplistic enough to allow you to fully participate in high adventure activities. In the evenings there is time to change into more elaborate costumes if you so choose. The only time you will be in BSA uniform is for faith services (both weekends) and graduation (2nd weekend). At that point we ask that you wear either the field uniform for your program or a Class B Activity Shirt from your unit.

This course is open to both In-Council and Out-of-Council attendees. Must be 16 or older to participate (or Course Director Approval). Contact Amanda Vogt for religious needs such as LDS leaving on Saturday night, or dietary needs.

There are two options for completing Powder Horn in 2024: Attend Both Weekends, OR Attend the 2nd Weekend Only. Attending just the 1st weekend will NOT complete the course as there are required topics being covered during the Beaumont weekend.

Weekend 1: S-F Scout Ranch- Swift High Adventure Base

Friday, April 12th @ 6pm to Sunday, April 14th @ 1pm

Activities Include: Astronomy, High & Low Challenge Courses, Personal Management & Business Merit Badges, Biking, Climbing, Rappelling, Wilderness Camping, Interfaith Service, Yoga, Geocaching, Watercrafts, Fishing, Outdoor Living History, Supplemental Training Courses Overview, and more.

Themes Include: Friday (Disney/Pixar), Saturday (Super Heroes), Sunday (Luau)

Weekend 2: Beaumont Scout Reservation- Emerson Center

Friday, May 3rd @ 6pm to Sunday, May 5th @ 3pm

Activities Include: Emergency Preparedness, Backpacking, Evening Programs, Shooting Sports, Land Navigation, Conservation, Fire Building, Search & Rescue, Cooking, Faith Services, STEM, Citizenship Merit Badges, Hunting, SCUBA (Extra $45), Genealogy, and more.

Saturday Electives: There are two points on Saturday where we will ask you to choose between two activity options.

Choice #1: Horses (Extra $25) OR Ecology & Edible Plants and Wildlife

Choice #2: Caving OR Wilderness First Aid Challenge

Themes Include: Friday (Magic of Scouting- Wizards), Saturday (Wild West), Sunday (Team Colors- Patrol Colors)

This is one course you do NOT want to miss as it only happens once every two years. On the odd years we recommend checking with Kansas City or Lincoln, Nebraska for courses.


Registration will open November 30, 2023




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