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S bar F Scout Ranch

Scout rapelling

For more than 50 years, S bar F Scout Ranch has provided the ultimate in Scouting experiences. One of the premier Scouting facilities in America, S bar F features 5,200 wooded acres in Knob Lick, Mo. The highlight of the property is its 270-acre Nims Lake, where Scouts enjoy endless water activities, and Huck’s Cove water park featuring two water slides, a zip line, and rope swings.



Year-round camping is available

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Location Details

S bar F Scout Ranch
Highway 67
Knob Lick, MO 63651
(South of Farmington and North of Fredericktown on Hwy 67)

Ranger Station Phone: 573-756-5738
Rangers: Rich Panosh (Lead Ranger) and Matt Unterreiner

Summer Camps

Camp Famous Eagle (Map | Register)
Camp Gamble (Map | Register)
Camp Sakima (Map)
Swift High Adventure Base (Map)

Learn about all S-F Summer Camps at https://stlbsa.org/camps/scouts-bsa-venturing-summer-camp/

For more than 50 years, S bar F Scout Ranch has been providing the ultimate in Scouting experiences. One of the premier Scouting facilities in America, S bar F features 5,200 wooded acres in Knob Lick, Mo. The highlight of the property is its 270-acre Nims Lake where Scouts enjoy endless water activities and Huck’s Cove water park featuring two water slides, a zip line, and rope swings.

In 2015 a 16,000 square-foot dining hall was built at Camp Famous Eagle. Swift High Adventure Base, the Venturing and older Scout program, also has a dining hall. Camp Gamble remains a patrol-method cooking camp.

In 2014, The Eagle Range was added to the property at S bar F. Generously funded by the Eagle Scout Association and NRA, the Eagle Range is a combination trap and skeet shooting facility. It contains five shooting stations at the trap field and eight shooting stations at the skeet field.

Year Round Camping

Year-Round Camping

Year-round camping is available to troops, crews, and posts. In addition to the lodging options below, a camporee area and outpost trail camps are also available along Three Notch Trail. Use of these units is free. Camporee areas are equipped with water pumps and outdoor pit toilet facilities.

Three Notch Trail Map

A new program and timeline will be used for 2022-2023 unit camping reservations. To reserve the treehouses and adirondacks at S-F Scout Ranch and adirondacks at Beaumont Scout Reservation, units will need to have one leader apply for a unique code that will allow them to complete the reservation and not reserve the facility more than once. With the new “code” process, leaders can login to the system at their convenience and complete their reservation on a first-come first-served basis once the reservation system opens. Units will be limited to one treehouse or adirondack reservation until all remaining facilities and camping areas open for reservations. The timeline for this process is:

This is on a first-come first-served basis via the reservation portal – https://campreservation.com/312/Home.

Amenity Details

Dining Halls
S bar F has two dining halls on property. A brand new 16,000 square-foot dining facility was built at Famous Eagle in 2015. The building features seating for up to 300 people, commercial kitchen equipment, audio visual capabilities, and indoor toilets.

Swift High Adventure Base also has a dining hall.

Scout Lodge and Wenzel Lodge offer bunk beds. Each cabin sleeps a total of 34. Both have a refrigerator, stove, and dry sink and are heated by a woodstove. Water pumps and pit toilet facilities are located near each lodge. Scouting units must provide their own firewood and cooking gear.

Londe Adirondack Village
Here, Scouts can discover the world of adirondack camping. These unique shelters have three sides and use a fireplace placed near the opening for warmth. The village includes five adirondack shelters, a pavilion, and latrine facilities.

Swift Lodge (available August-May)
The Swift Base lodge is heated and has bunk arrangements for 35. A wood-burning fireplace, indoor water, full kitchen, showers, and bathrooms with flush toilet facilities are all included. Scouting units provide their own cooking gear and firewood.

Tree Houses
The Tree Houses at S bar F are the perfect spot for your unit to overlook beautiful Nims Lake. Five tree houses are available for use. Four of the houses contain eight bunks each. The fifth house, usually reserved for adult campers, is equipped with electricity and features six bunks. Total capacity for all five tree houses is 38. An outdoor fire pit, grill, water pump, and pit toilet facilities are available. Scouting units provide their own cooking gear and firewood.

Five authentic tipis are available to units whose leaders have participated in the proper instruction. Scouts get to put their skills to the test erecting and camping in these Native American structures.

Webelos Camping

S bar F offers a Webelos pavilion and camping area for year-round use. This area is equipped with water pumps and outdoor pit toilet facilities.

Webelos dens are welcome to use the cabins or Londe Adirondack Village from April through September.


Three Notch Trail
This 21-mile trail consists of two circular loops and a cutoff, all completely within the boundaries of The Ranch. Units can choose to hike one or both loops. Upon completing the hike, Scouts may obtain a patch Scouts to celebrate their achievement.

Three Notch is a great backpacking trail and the perfect training warm-up for Philmont. This trail is rated for Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers. It is not recommended for Cub Scouts or Webelos. NOTE: During high-water conditions on the Little St. Francois River, sections of this trail are not accessible. Trail maps are available at any council service center.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling
Experience the thrill of high adventure on the cliffs of Freedom, Ranger Falls, Collarbone, or Baby Snake. Scouts learn the ups and downs of safe rock climbing and rappelling while building new levels of confidence and overcoming the uneasiness of heights. Campsites are available cliff-top along the Little St. Francis River or near Castle Rock.

Scouting units must provide their own trained rock-climbing instructors. Climbing equipment is available for a fee.

Shooting Sports
The Eagle Range provides units with trap & skeet shooting facilities. Archery and rifle ranges are also available on the property.

Challenge Course
This outstanding high- and low-challenge course is available year-round for troops, crews, and posts with trained leadership. It involves a series of outdoor tasks—beginning with basic group initiative games and progressing to more advanced low-course and high-course activities. Participants climb, swing, balance, jump, and think their way through a variety of physical challenges. These events put teamwork, as well as individual skills and agility, to the test.

Camping facilities are available at the course site.

Ron & Kathy Green STEM Pavilion
Located in Camp Famous Eagle, the Ron & Kathy Green STEM Pavilion has two covered open wings with picnic tables to conduct activities.  The storage building is stocked with materials to bring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics experiences for your Den, Pack, Troop, unit meeting, or other event!

The following activities are available:  Ham radio, handheld microscopes/Vulcan notebooks, mineral science kits, electronic snap circuits, stomp rockets, Bloxels game design kits/tablets, drones, Lego engineering gadget sets, gravity maze sets, 3D pens, and Vex robot kits/laptops.

The building has lights for use in the evening.  Enjoy this great resource!

Canoes are available from April through October for troops, crews, and posts. Every participant must be a swimmer and wear a personal flotation device (PFD) at all times. Thirty canoes are available. If fishing, all participants 16-64 years of age must possess a valid Missouri State Fishing License.

Whether Scouts are casting from the shore or trolling from a boat, Nims Lake offers miles of excellent fishing right in the heart of S bar F Ranch. Units are welcome to use their own boats.

See boating and fishing rules below.

S bar F Scout Ranch Nims Lake Boating and Fishing Regulations:

  • Safety Afloat Guidelines are required for all boating activities.
  • Reservations must be made at the council service center.
  • Nims Lake was built for the Scouts. While fishing, each leader must be accompanied by at least one Scout. Every person in any watercraft (maximum 3) must be a swimmer and wear a personal flotation device (PFD) at all times. NOTE: A current Missouri state fishing license is required for all persons between the ages of 16 and 64.
  • Fishing with live minnows is not permitted.
  • Electric trolling motors only—gasoline engines are not permitted on the lake.
  • All participants must check in with the rangers and present a camp use permit.
  • Fishing is a unit activity—not individual. Buddy boats are required—see Safety Afloat Guidelines.
  • All other camp rules are in effect. Violators will be asked to leave the property.

Become an S bar F Campmaster

The S bar F Campmaster Corps members are registered Scouters who help visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. Campmasters provide a camp orientation for each unit upon arrival and inspect the camp upon departure to maintain safe, secure facilities.

Click here to learn more.


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