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Welcome to camping in the Greater St. Louis Area Council! Whether you’re looking for an incredible summer camp experience or a weekend campout, GSLAC offers a variety of summer and year-round programs at one of its four unique properties.

Visit our summer camp page to find fun opportunities for Summer 2015 or schedule an event at one of our great properties.

Please take time to explore all of the programs with the links on the left. Questions can be directed to the camping department at 314-256-3122.

Camp Refunds

Summer Camp: There are typically no refund; however, refunds may be given in rare circumstances including medical emergencies. If a refund is sought, the refund request form must be filled out and submitted to the camping department by August 30 for consideration. Additional documentation or information may be requested. Refund request form

Year-Round Camping: All requests for refunds of money must use the year round camping refund request form. At least 30 days prior notice of cancellation is required for refund of money or to change date of reservation. If the Camp Ranger or the Council cancels an activity because of weather conditions, a refund or credit will be issued to the unit. Refund request form

Health Forms

Annual Health & Medical Form- Parts A & B (less than 72 hours)

Annual Health & Medical Form- Parts A, B & C (physical required)

Tour and Activity Plan

The Tour and Activity Plan is a planning tool for best practices to be prepared for safe and fun adventure. Units must submit a Tour and Activity Plan to the council for:


Camping Organizational Structure

Robert Parish- Chairman

Bob Veenstra- Vice Chair for Innovation

Richard Koch- Vice Chair for Camp Administration

Tom McCarthy- Vice Chair for Action Sports

Ron Krull- Vice Chair for Outdoor Skills

Dave Chambliss- Vice Chair for Marketing and Promotions