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Have Questions about Cub Scout Overnight Camps?

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Can’t find the answer to your specific question? Sorry about that! You can also reach out to the Greater St. Louis Area Council Camping Department at 314-361-0600 or camping@stlbsa.org.

Summer Camps Open In

What types of activities are done at Cub Scout Overnight camp?

Activities vary by camp but here is a general list of the activities we offer: Shooting sports activities such as BB guns, archery and slingshots, swimming, fishing, hiking, nature exploration, campfire, cooking (at select camps), scout skills, STEM activities, and more!

To find out more specifics about the camp you are interested in, check out each camp’s camp manual located HERE!

Many, if not all, of these activities earn you rank advancements needed for moving through the Cub Scout program! Fun with a purpose!

What Cub Scout Rank Advancements can be earned at camp?

Each camp has a different program planned! Please check the camp’s camp manual for a full list or reach out to the Camp Director.

To find out more specifics about the camp you are interested in, check out each camp’s camp manual located HERE!

Will there be a campfire program at camp?

Yes! Each camp will host a campwide campfire at one point during the duration of camp. This is a fun evening program full of songs, skits, and laughter!

Check out the camp manual for specific information, located HERE!

Where can I find specific information on the camp we want to attend, such as camp schedules, sample meals, program activities, etc.?

Each camp property has a camp manual with these items included in the details of the camp manuals. Check HERE for the manuals or they are also posted on each registration site.

For more information, ask the camp’s Camp Director.

What are the meals like at summer camp?

All meals are designed for proper nutrition requirements by a team of registered dieticians. If you have any food allergies, be sure to fill out a food allergy form during the registration process.

Breakfast is often items such as pancakes, cereal, eggs, sausage links, fruit, French toast, etc.

Lunch is typically items such as sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, chicken strips, etc. served with various sides such as mac n cheese, fruit salad, veggie sticks, etc. and always has a dessert option too – yum!

Dinner normally consists of items such as bbq chicken, hamburgers, pasta, etc. served with sides such as salad, green beans, potatoes, rolls, etc. and as always – dessert!!!

          There is always a salad bar available at lunch and dinner with salad fixings, and generally another side or            two.

What if a camper or adult has food allergies?

We are happy to accommodate many common food allergies! During the registration process, please fill out and turn in our food allergy form. For more questions, inquire at camping@stlbsa.org.

What should we bring to summer camp? Packing Lists?

Packing lists are included in each of the camp manuals, which  an be found HERE.

           View our video here on tips for packing for camp: https://vimeo.com/695280865

Here are some general items to include:

    • BSA medical forms A and B
      • weeklong camps need to bring part C as well
      • The health form can be found in the "Camp Resources / Information" drop-down above.
    • tent
    • pillow and bedding
    • day pack
    • water bottle
    • sturdy shoes
    • raincoat
    • sandals
    • clothing for hot weather and cooler weather, such as a jacket
    • swim suits
    • scout uniform
    • underwear and socks
    • pjs
    • towels
    • toiletries
    • sunscreen and insect repellent
    • first aid kit
    • grocery bags or zip locks for dirty clothes
    • flashlight and batteries
    • camp chair
    • spending money for trading post
    • googles
    • wagon to carry gear
What forms or paperwork do we need to bring to camp?

Unit leaders must provide a roster of those attending summer camp

Also, each camper and adult must bring the BSA medical forms A and B

  • Webelos Overnight Camp needs to bring part C as well. (The health form can be found in the "Camp Resources / Information" drop-down above.)
What are swim tests and what should we expect?

Swim tests are conducted so that Scouts and adults swim in appropriate swimming areas during their time at camp. In order to swim in the deeper part of the pool, everyone (adults and campers) must complete swim tests

You will complete a swim tests at summer camp.

Types of swim tests:

    • Non-swimmer: get in the water, splash around and cool off (this is optional).
    • Beginners: swim 50 feet, including one sharp turn and submerging completely underwater.
    • Swimmers: swim 75 yards, unbroken, with a strong forward stroke, swim 25 yards in a resting backstroke, and then float in the water for several seconds.
What steps do you take for safety at the pool/lake?

All swimming, whether in the pool or in a lake, is supervised by certified and trained lifeguards.

All of our lifeguards are Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED certified and BSA Lifeguard Certified. There is rigorous instruction and practice that goes into both of those trainings. We maintain proper ratios of swimmers to lifeguards at all times at the pool and operate a buddy board system for pool safety. All swimmers (adults and campers) must undergo a swimming test to allow them to swim in deeper parts of the pool.

During swimming time, there is both instructional swim by our lifeguards and free swim. Your Scout will be a stronger, more confident swimmer by the end of their time at camp.

What are your camp recommendations based on age of scout?

What is the trading post? Where can we purchase necessities and souvenirs?

Each camp has a trading post, called Gateway Traders. You can purchase necessities like basic toiletries as well as camp souvenirs such as t-shirts, water bottles, backpacks, etc. You can also purchase light snacks and refreshments such as ice cream, soda, candy, chips, etc.!

Be sure to pack extra spending money for the trading post!

You can also pre-order trading post items like t-shirts, water bottles and more to guarantee you don't miss out! Order today at GATEWAY TRADERS.

What are the adult leadership requirements for Cub Scout overnight camp?

For all Scouting events, including summer camp, there must be two adults acting as the adult supervision for the Scouts in your Pack or Den.

All Tiger aged Cub Scouts (those entering the first grade in the fall) must be accompanied by an adult partner.

If your unit does not have two adults at camp, the camp office will “pair” your unit with other units so that there are always multiple adults on campsites and while in program areas with the scouts.

There is no maximum number of adults, but there is a minimum of at least one adult for up to every four Scouts.

If there are adults sharing leadership by being at camp for parts of the session, they are welcome to switch in and out, as needed.

Adults at camp who are present for 72 total hours or more must be registered as leaders. This includes completing a criminal background check and Youth Protection training. The 72 hours need not be consecutive. For Cub Scout Overnight Camps, this only applies to Webelos Overnight Camp.

If you have extra adults at meal times, they will need to pay $6 for a guest meal.

If your Scout or your Den is not able to have any adults attend with the Scouts, there is an option to attend with paid camp staff leadership. There is a “Cub Scout Youth, Provisional” option at registration. This is a higher fee option because this pays for the supervising adult leader’s time and meals.

Den Chiefs are welcome to attend, you will see that option at registration.

What are the Youth Protection requirements for summer camp?

There must be two deep adult leadership at all times.

Leadership must be co-ed if there are boys and girls present.

Campers cannot share a tent with someone more than 2 years or less than 2 years of their age.

    • In line with that, adults are not permitted to tent with a Scout unless they are the Scout’s parents/guardians.

We recommend all adults in camp, at all of the types of camps, have completed youth protection training, but it is only required of adults staying in camp for more than 72 hours at our Webelos Overnight Camp.

The safety and security of our youth in camp is of paramount importance. Anyone who suspects, knows of, or witnesses a camper being mistreated must notify the camp director immediately. Anyone mistreating a camper, in any way, will be escorted out of camp immediately.

           Scouts must be prepared to shower alone without the assistance of parents.

How is first aid handled at summer camp?

There is a Camp Medic on call 24 hours a day at overnight cub scout camp. The Camp Medic is an emergency medical responder who has a first aid training of 'First Responder'. All injuries and illnesses should be reported to the health officer.

It is advised to bring a personal first aid kit for basic cuts and bruises.

Participants with serious injuries requiring hospitalization will be transported to a local hospital. If an emergency occurs that requires you to call 911, please call immediately then send a messenger to the camp office.

What about medicine at camp?

Medications should be kept secure and dispensed by the parent or unit leader at camp. When needed, the health officer will hold medications requiring refrigeration or that the adults feel uncomfortable holding.

Where can I find the refund request form?

Refund request forms can be found in the "Camp Resources / Information" drop-down above.

What is the parent portal?

This is an optional tool for your Pack that allows one parent or leader to sign up the whole group of Scouts, giving that person log-ins for parents to go in and pay for their Scouts, individually. You will see this feature while registering. If you have questions about activating the Parent Portal, please reach out to the program department at 314-361-0600, or camping@stlbsa.org.

What if a child needs financial assistance?

A campership is a scholarship to attend camp that is offered for up to 50% off the cost of day camp. Camperships are on a first come first serve basis, and are awarded to those who cannot afford the cost of camp.

To complete a campership form, simply register your child(ren) and during the process you will indicate whether you want to apply for a campership. The online registration system is where you will fill out the form.

The campership form can be found HERE.

Camperships are only available to units registered in the Greater St. Louis Area Council.

Help! My question was not answered here!

Sorry about that, for questions specific to the camp(s) you are interested in, please email/call the day camp director or program director listed on the registration site.

General questions

And do not forget! Check out your camp’s specific camp manual for more detailed information!

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