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New Horizons District Contact Information

New Horizons District

Brett JohnsonDistrict Chairman901-389-8711brejohnson@deloitte.com
Kim FlemingDistrict Commissioner314-566-9275k.s.fleming@att.net
Matt KasateDistrict Director314-256-3054matthew.kasate@scouting.org
Ben LuedloffDistrict Executive314-256-3132benjamin.luedloff@scouting.org
Amanda HeidemannActivities Chair314-853-9729swiftalphaantelope@gmail.com
Sophie CraftAdvancement Chair314-791-3042sophiec@hotmail.com
Bryan BrushCamping Chair314-488-7137brbrush@att.net
Ken McGohanMembership Chair314-740-6133KenMcGohan@msn.com
Earl BinderPublic Relations Chair314-537-7675earlbinder@gmail.com
Jim RiddleTraining Chair314-614-0622jim@riddledesign.com
Kim MontgomeryVenturing314-276-4896montgomerykd@gmail.com
Mike HulsizerFriends of Scouting Chair314-956-1804hulsizer@webster.edu
Matt ColePopcorn Chair314-258-6671matt@celtatom
Teresa CollettiSTEM Co-Chair314-578-3832tacolletti@att.net
Lisa BalbesSTEM Co-Chair314-283-3203lisa@balbes.com

New Horizons District Training

Online Training Opportunities

The training group has been busy organizing virtual training courses for our volunteers to take during this time. Volunteers have the options to take our virtual training which is conducted by training volunteers from all over the council. The benefits to this style of training is volunteers can ask questions, meet new people, and Many volunteers will show up as not trained and that is because this past April National made Hazardous Weather Training a requirement for direct contact leaders.

Leader Training:

We will be offering  Cub Leader training on May 12th  and 14th. Scouts BSA training will held on May 6th  and May 13th .  Volunteers must attend both session to be considered trained.  Space is limited for both trainings! We will be offering more training session in the future. If volunteers would prefer to take the National training online they may log onto my.scouting.org and take the require training for their position.

Cub Leader Training: May 12th and May 14th  Leaders can use the following link to sign up for the training: https://www.scoutingevent.com/312-2020CMACMcommitteeDenleader

Scouts BSA Training: May 6th and May 13th  Leaders can use the following link to sign up for the training: https://www.scoutingevent.com/312-2020SMASMtraingmay0613 

Hazardous Weather TrainingApril 30th  Sold OUT! Will post upcoming training dates soon!

Youth Protection Training :  May 9th or May 12th– Leaders can use the following link to sigh up for the training. Leaders only need to attend ONE session.

May 9th  10:00am-Noon registration link: https://www.scoutingevent.com/312-2020yptvirtual

May 12th 7:00pm-9:00pm registration link: https://www.scoutingevent.com/312-2020YPTvirtualmay21

Cub Scout Leader Training

The Spring Course for Cub Scout Leader Training ran by New Horizons has been canceled.

If a Pack is interested in hosting a training for new leaders or if you have any questions about Cub Scout Training please contact Mike Edler at nhcsalt@gmail.com


Scouts BSA Leader Training

The Spring Course for Scouts BSA Adult  Leader Training ran by New Horizons has been canceled.

This comprehensive basic training is the very best way for all adult leaders and parents to be trained for their current and future troop positions, to gain a thorough basic understanding of how the Scouting program works, to learn ways to apply this in their home units to help their Scouts run a successful troop program, and to obtain references and resources available for further knowledge. Before attending this class, participants must complete Troop Committee Specific Training and Youth Protection Training. All are available online at my.scouting.org.

Please pre-register with Malcolm Bliss at 314-909-8594/314-640-0332 or malcolmbliss@prodigy.net.


Join other Scout leaders for information about upcoming events, training, and programs to support your Scouting unit on the first Tuesday of every month at Manchester United Methodist Church (Hwy 141 and Manchester) at 7 p.m.

Online Learning Center

Do you need to take Youth Protection Training (YPT)? Do you need to take your Cub Scout Leader Training? All of this and more can be done while visiting the BSA’s Online Learning Center.

New Horizons District Program Planning

Each summer Packs, Troops, and Crews should be sitting down  to program plan with their leadership.  This program plan consists of three main items:

  1. An annual calendar.
  2. An annual budget- including fundraising objectives and per scout sales goals to keep them motivated.
  3. Leadership Succession Planning- Who is taking over key positions with the unit?


Troop Program Planning Workbook

Unit Performance Guidebook



New Horizons Scouting for Food

Thank you for participating in Scouting for Food this year!

Scouting for Food will take place on the following dates:

Bag Drop Off: November 14

Bag Pick Up: November 21

Please click HERE to find the 2020 Unit Leader Kit that goes into detail on how Scouting for Food will operate this year, It covers important times and safety practices.

If you have not received your unit’s bags please reach out to our Scouting for Food Chair to pick them up:

Tim Thorndike

Unit Maps

Below please find a link that will show you a copy of the New Horizons Scouting for Food map. Please click on the link below and type in your unit number in the search bar to see a copy of your unit’s map. Please do your best to cover the entire area assigned to your unit, no changes will be made to the map.

Example: Type “Pack 123”  to see Pack 123’s map.


On November 14:

  • Please see the Unit Leader Kit for instructions on this day.
  • If you run out of bags please call one of the numbers below to have more bags dropped off with your unit:
    • Tim Thorndike   314-984-8884
    • Matt Kasate       314-799-0326
    • Ben Luedloff      314-322-3452

On November 21:

  • Please see the Unit Leader Kit for instructions on this day.
  • Do not start collecting bags until after 10AM.
  • Once you pick up bags in your area please drive through it a couple more times to look for missed bags or bags placed out late. (Every year we have missed bags).
  • Due to COVID-19 some drop off locations are changing. Below please see a full list of drop off locations:

Shrewsbury Firehouse4400 Shrewsbury AveSt LouisMO63119
Des Peres Firehouse1000 North Ballas RdSt LouisMO63131
Brentwood Firehouse8756 Eulalie AveBrentwoodMO63144
Kirkwood No. 2 Firehouse11804 Big Bend BlvdKirkwoodMO63122
Webster Groves Firehouse6 South ElmSt LouisMO63119
Glendale Firehouse424 N SappingtonGlendaleMO63122
Living Word UMC (replacing Metro West #3)17315 Manchester Rd.WildwoodMO63040
Holy Infant Church (replacing Metro West #2)627 Dennison Dr.BallwinMO63021
Holy Cross Lutheran Church (replacing Monarch HQ)13014 Olive BlvdCreve CoeurMO63141
The River at Eureka215 N Central AveEurekaMO63025
Manchester Methodist Church (replacing West County #1)129 Woods Mill Rd #4339ManchesterMO63011
Chesterfield Mall (CLICK HERE to see map of exact location) (Replacing Monarch #1)1 Chesterfield MallChesterfieldMO63017

Helpful Links

Resources / Downloads


Internet Rechartering

Click here to visit the Rechartering website.

Click here for a brief tutorial (requires Flash Player)

Click here for an overview.

To renew your unit charter on-line:

  • Sixty days before your unit’s expiration date, select a renewal processor. This should be someone in your unit who is familiar with the members and leaders of your unit to ensure all information provided through the process is correct.
  • Your unit charter renewal packet is distributed to the unit leadership and includes an access code specifically assigned to your unit.
  • Thirty to forty-five days before your unit’s expiration date, the renewal processor clicks Recharter Now on this webpage and begins the process.
  • When the on-line process is completed, the renewal processor prints the completed charter renewal application.
  • The Unit Leader and the Executive Officer sign the charter renewal application. The signed application along with any individual applications for new youth members or adult leaders, and materials received in the charter renewal packet and all appropriate fees, should then be brought to the Council Service Center, or your district’s charter turn-in meeting.

New Horizons District Calendars

New Horizons Eagle Scout Candidates

We are still scheduling reviews during Covid 19 in a virtual environment instead of meeting in person at Parkway United Church of Christ. Please follow the normal procedure which is explained below.

All Eagle Scout Paperwork can be turned in online to the Greater St. Louis Area Council.
Click here to find instructions to the Electronic Eagle Scout Application Process 

Eagle Extension Due to COVID-19:

Extension Request COVID-19 Form

Scouts will need to use the form attached to the email to file for an extension. Once the form is completed they will need to email the form to eagle@stlbsa.org.  Once the form is turned into the council office we will send out the form for district advancement chairs  and the council advancement chair to approve. Scouts will  receive a letter from the council office stating they have been approved for the extension. They will need to bring this letter to the council office when they turn in their Eagle application.

Please use the following link for the guideline to file for an extension: Extension Guidelines

The Eagle Boards of Review meet on the first, second and fourth Wednesday of each month at Parkway United Church of Christ (2841 N. Ballas Rd.) from 7-9 p.m. Directions

Scheduling a Project Proposal Review

  • You will need to make sure that you are using the most current Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, it is linked to the National site here:
    Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.
  • Your proposal needs to be be reviewed and signed by the Benefiting organization representative, your Unit leader, and a Committee member.

Scheduling a Final Eagle Board of Review

Before calling, your Eagle Application will need to be signed by Council and returned to you.
When bringing your paperwork to Council, you will need to bring:

  • Eagle Scout Application with signatures from your Unit Leader, Unit Committee Chair found here.
  • Twenty-One (21) merit badge cards that are listed on the Eagle Scout Application.
  • A Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose
  • Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
  • Five letters of recommendation sealed in envelopes (letters should match the references on Requirement #2 of your Eagle Scout Application)

To be fair to all scouts, appointments will be made first-come / first-serve and if you call before the necessary signatures are in place, you may be placed at the back of the line.

To schedule an appointment:


Call the New Horizons District Eagle Board of Review’s Appointment Line and leave a message.
Remember to speak slowly and clearly so that your call can be returned:

  • Your name (please spell your last name)
  • Phone number
  • Troop number
  • Best time for us to reach you
  • Project Proposal Review or Final Eagle Board of Review
  • If you require a specific week or just the next available appointment.

Appointments are NOT finalized until a Weekly Coordinator has contacted you. Make sure that the number you leave is correct and that a voicemail can be left. The Weekly Coordinator will review the requirements for your respective board and provide you with a date and time for your review.

Our weekly coordinators are:

First Wednesday of the month:
Mr Echols–Email

Second Wednesday of the month:
Mrs. Lee– Email

Fourth Wednesday of the month:
Mr. Brill–Email


Eagle Scout Process Overview
Life to Eagle Workshop Handout
Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project Information for Project Beneficiaries
Age Guidelines for Tool Use and Work at Elevations or Excavations
Eagle Scout Application
'Statement of Life’s Ambition' Guidance


Parents & Leaders – If you have a Scout with special needs, help us help your Scouts. Please feel free to let the weekly coordinator know. We have specially trained reviewers that we can ask to participate.


If you have any questions about the Eagle Scout process please contact:
John Klos
New Horizons Eagle Board of Review Chair

Sophie Craft
New Horizons District Advancement Chair

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Help Now

Scouts in the greater st. Louis area council rely on the generosity of individuals, sponsors, organizations and charitable donors to help them grow into the next generation of leaders.