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Eagle Board of ReviewEagle-Scout-Badge

To schedule a Board of Review date and time, the Scout will need to contact Sandy Balch at (314) 660-3960. You must call at least 5 days prior to the expected Board of Review date to schedule an appointment. Please make sure the candidate has all materials prepared. It is important that the Scoutmaster attends the Board of Review with the Eagle Scout candidate.

The Board of Review is held on the second Thursday and fourth Monday of every month at the Olivette Community Center, 9723 Grandview

Eagle Board of Review Process: 
The Scout appears before the board twice on his road to Eagle, once to have his project approved and second to approve his Eagle application.  He must use the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook No. 512-927

Once the Scout decides on his Eagle project and receives approval by his Unit Leader,   Unit Committee and the Beneficiary, he contacts me by phone to set up an appointment.  He must have these three signatures on Proposal Page E of the workbook before he calls.  The next step is appearing before the board and receiving their approval to proceed with the project.  Approval is indicated by their three signatures on the same page “E”.  The Scout must not start the project until receiving the proper approvals.

After the project is completed and approved by the Beneficiary and Unit Leader, indicated by their signatures on the Project Report Page C in the workbook, he forwards to Council for approval, his Eagle Application, his Life’s Ambition and Purpose statement, completed Project Workbook, Merit Badge Cards, five letters of recommendation and a GSLAC advancement form.

After approval by Council he again contacts me to set a date and time for his final Eagle review.  The board’s approval is indicated by their signatures on the Eagle Application.

The next step is to return the approved Application to Council.  They will process the application and order the Eagle Scout award.

Sandy Balch, Pathfinder District Eagle Board Chair